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Pamela Gallegos

Pamela Gallegos, a Peruvian Artist based in Miami is the vision behind Pom Graphic Design. She came to Florida at the age of 19 but lived most of her life in Perú. Living in a country with such a rich culture is where it all began. Pamela’s influences are from her desire for travel and adventure. She made the connection between harmony in nature and the art within it which is manifested in her designs. Her art focuses on natural elements in all its force. You can see many organic and geometrical multi color shapes in each piece. She communicates life, energy and forces of nature through her art and gets inspiration from different cultures and art movements. The fabulous colors, textures and shapes she uses speak about a wonderful world, a world in which cultures and dreams mix.

Sam Hadley

Sam Hadley is a British artist and illustrator living in Ireland.
Known for his versatility, he works with clients globally to bring brands and stories to life with compelling and engaging illustrations.

Lik Mi

Lik Mi, is a Colombian female street artist whose artworks are influenced by cartoons, graffiti and women empowerment. Originally from Bogota currently living in NYC. She has done abroad art residencies, solo and group shows, and participated in several international street art festivals. She has painted in countries like: Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Cuba, USA, France, Germany, Belgium, India and Japan. Since 2009 under the name of Lik Mi, she has taken her art to various means, including jewelry, fashion and garments, art pieces, graffiti and murals. She is recognized as a female exponent of the street art in Colombia and Latin America.

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